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Let us make some things clear from the beginning: We do not own a chateau, nor do we run a vineyard. Actually, we do not even work on grapes…
So please do not ask us to talk about ancestral traditions or centuries-old plots… We would be very embarrassed and you would certainly be disappointed!
However, we can rave for hours on end about our challenge, our wine-making process, our dedicated team, our vision…

Write the art of winemaking differently : with great boldness, some technical know-how, and a huge amount of fun, that is the purpose of our work.
We take on the challenge of surprising you with the origin, originality and authenticity of our exceptional litchi wines made from the terroir of Mauritius.

Takamaka – Boutique Winery


Enjoy an incredible guided visit at the only winery dedicated exclusively to lychee wine. Discover Takamaka’s best selection of wine through the wine tasting.

Duration: 3hrs
157 GoPoints
Rs 157 On this activity
  • Tasting
  • Visit
  • Couple
  • Family
  • Single
  • Takamaka
Public Price:
Rs 315
Rs 157

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