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The company origins date back to 1931. As part of its diversification strategy, Harel Frères (now Terra) acquired the Mauritius Distillery and moved its installations to Solitude, Triolet. In 1971, the Mauritius Bottling was founded to add value to spirits distilled by its sister company.

The company is the leader in the production of spirits derived from sugarcane in Mauritius. Their New Grove & Lazy Dodo rums and extra neutral spirit are manufactured by their sister company, namely Grays Distilling Ltd.while the commercial branch, Grays Inc. Ltd markets and distributes their brands in Mauritius and in export markets.


Our Rums are mainly produced during « cold » season (June, July, and August) with freshly produced sulfur free molasses and our own grown/house yeast for fermentation.

The molasses wash (also called Wine) recovered from the 30 hours of fermentation go through a wine preheater before going through a degassing column to eliminate unwanted compounds.

It will then go through the distillation column (20 trays with copper valves) and to a rectification column (17 trays with bubbling cups) where 8 pipes will collect aromatic compounds and eliminate unwanted ones.

The phlegm is collected on the reflux of the rectification column and has alcoholic strength 94% Vol.

New Grove age in French Oak and Lazy Dodo in American Oak.

New Grove:
Barrels size: from 170 liters to 400 liters casks. Barrels are filled at 65%Vol.

30 % New Limousin French oak: well known and used in the spirit industry for its oxygenating properties and aromas complexity. New French oak brings lot of tannins and a high extraction rate.

70% used French oak + ex Cognac barrels that bring a smooth and mellow side to the rum. Blend of new and used barrels will soften the tannins and enhance the aromas and mouthfeel of the final product.

Lazy Dodo rum is aged in American oak barrels to give some extra smooth vanilla and caramel notes.

Blending & Bottling

Rums are often checked and tasted to determine when to proceed with most balanced blends depending on final targeted taste profile.

Blending is regularly done with a slow dilution of 5% each time to reach 50%Vol over the years.

Final dilution is done few months before bottling. • Bottles only contain Rum and Water: No sugar, no ageing agents, no colorant or other additives.

Rums are not chill-filtered to preserve natural aromas: only K12 paper filter (retention rate 0.8 micron
& thickness 0.15 mm) – residual sediment may be found and rum may turn cloudy when stored in a cool place.

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