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Our Heritage

Produced at the oldest distillery on the island, Penny Blue is named after one of the world’s rarest stamps. Scroll down to discover more of our heritage.

Jean-Francois Koenig joined Medine in 1999, and oversees the distillation and wood management at the Medine Distillery in Mauritius. The tropical climate increases the speed of maturation, so each cask needs to be managed carefully to ensure the marriage between wood and spirit.
Working on a Single Estate distillery, we have control over every process, from selecting the sugar canes, distillation, ageing and blending, which allows us to showcase our rum at its very best.

The Estate

To the West of Mauritius, nestled between the mountains and the azure sea, the Medine distillery has been producing rum since 1926.

Located at the heart of the sugar plantation is the sugar cane press, distillery and ageing warehouse, ensure every step of production takes place in the Estate. Each bottle is hand-dipped with the distinctive wax seal on the Estate as proof of provenance.


Once distilled in column or pot stills, the rum is filled in to barrels and then matured only metres away from where the sugar cane was harvested.

It rests, gathering maturity and complexity, and is regularly tasted over time as the rum makers search for perfect maturity before selecting the casks.

To add to the complexity of the rum, Jean-Francois Koenig experimented with different types of wood to rest the spirit.


The rum makers are searching for more than a perfectly mature rum. They are searching for an identity. For Medine’s Pure Cane rum, this means ensuring the Single Estate character shines through.

A proportion of hand milled, Single Variety, sugar cane is pot distilled and blended with elegant column distilled rum to give weight and complexity.

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