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Experiencing Mauritius in all its authenticity is to taste the scented fruits of its tropical trees, the special sugars of its sugarcane fields and the artisanal rums of its distilleries. It is to walk around the island in your dodo flip-flops, in search of its most beautiful Creole residences. It is to add a pinch of fleur de sel to your “chicken kari” and a spoonful of Mauritian honey to your “vanilla tea”. Behind each product are men and women whose stories we want to tell today. Through an original selection of local products, Go Duty Free invites you to meet talented Mauritian craftspeople who, inspired by the island’s rich natural heritage, have embarked on the production of quality products and who have fine-tuned their unique know-how over generations.

There is no such thing as a small or big craftsperson. We sought passionate people to share their know-how and bring you into their world. Discover their incredible history and expertise! More than just a souvenir of a trip, we propose a shared experience beyond packaging and reading a label. Live privileged moments with these craftspeople.

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